25 September 2008

Mozilla Lightning 0.9 on Ubuntu Hardy 64-bit

For those of you who are also running a 64-bit linux machine (like me) and want to use the Mozilla Lightning 0.9 Thunderbird add-on, you can find the 64-bit version of this add-on here in the Mozilla release archive. The one that comes from the add-on website doesn't seem to install unfortunately.

If you also want to push your calendar entries back to for instance Google Calender, be sure to use the Provider for Google Calendar add-on. It allows bidirectional access to Google Calendar.

18 September 2008


I'm currently giving the blog a redesign. Bear with me, while I change the design over the next few days.

02 September 2008

Yet another browser

It's been all over the blogosphere! As far as I can see, you could not have missed that Google has announced it's own open source browser called Google Chrome.

In the past there have been a lot of rumors about a Google browser, but now they made it official. They even created a nice comic about it, to explain all features and concept of the new browser.

Google Chrome looks really promising, but I'm afraid that for us developers it's going to be just another browser to test our web applications against. With the current diversity within the browser market it's already a pain to keep up with all the available browsers. Therefor I think it's a good thing that they did not decide to create their own browser engine, but instead are using the webkit engine, which is also used in Apple's Safari.

Too bad they are releasing the beta on Windows first, because I would have loved to give it a go on Ubuntu!