18 June 2008

Firefox 3

Download Day - English

Today is firefox 3 download day! I have been using the beta installed on my Ubuntu laptop for a while now and I really like it! It's fast and the big plus is the new improved address bar. All I can say is, help set the record and download Firefox 3 today!

09 June 2008

Ubuntu 8.04

It has been a while since I have blogged. I tried, but I never finished the posts. They will show up here in the next couple of days I hope. But for now.. lets just get this post out of the door.

A while ago, I updated all my Ubuntu machines to version 8.04. It feels stable, even on upgraded machines. The upgrades worked almost perfectly. Everything kept working, except for the Evolution/Exchange combination. In the past I used this a lot, especially for the Exchange Calendar, which we use at the office.

The Hardy Heron (8.04) version of Ubuntu comes with Firefox 3 Beta 5. I must say, this is a great improvement in comparison to Firefox 2. The memory footprint is much better, and is more more responsive then version 2. The downside is that not all of my Firefox plugins work yet, but that will be solved in a short time I guess.

I wanted to share my experience with you guys, since I think that Ubuntu is one of the most friendly Linux versions around and I recommend it to everybody!