20 March 2008

Hippo is expanding its borders

Some of you might have seen the news out there on the web, but for those that did not, Hippo has expanded it's borders to the US! Last week it all became final and Hippo bought BlueSunrise.

Hippo and BlueSunrise have known each other for a while now, because both companies are very active inside the Apache Software Foundation. The Apache Portals project is one specific project that both have been working on over the past couple of years.

I think this expansion was to be expected, since we had an ongoing demand from clients outside Europe and mainly in the US. To be able to give sufficient support to these clients it's best to have a Hippo location in the same country.

It's great to see a company grow like this. I've been working at Hippo since early 2003 and I can remember sitting with 6 of my colleagues at the Hippo office in a building somewhere in the north of Amsterdam.Now ... 5 years later, we have about 45 people working at Hippo and multiple locations around the world.

I'm excited to see what will be next...

12 March 2008

ApacheCon Europe 2008

I've been too busy lately to actually keep track off the things going on around me. I almost even forgot that the ApacheCon Europe 2008 is only a couple of weeks away. This year I will not be doing any talks, since I thought there was nothing interesting for me to talk about. I enjoyed giving the Cocoon talk together with Jasha last year, so perhaps you'll see me/us speaking again at one of the other ApacheCons.

I have a couple of ideas now for new presentations, but I'm not sure yet if I can put my ideas into actual concepts, before actually sending in a proposal. We'll see!
For those of you coming to the ApacheCon in Amsterdam (I really suggest you to come), I hope to see you there. If you have any question about Cocoon or Hippo CMS, be sure too stop me if I'm walking past you. I'm looking forward to some talks.. See you there!

Exciting things are happening over at Hippo

There is some exciting stuff happening over at Hippo!

More details about this soon..