21 September 2007

Hippos on a plane

Hippo plus passport
Hippo is an international company,so working overseas is one of the fun parts of our jobs. This tuesday for instance I went to the UK together with Wouter for a meeting at a customer. I always love traveling (except if there are any delays of course).

The past couple of months I've been working on several different projects in different cities in and outside of Netherlands. That's when I came up with the idea to show you guys where my work brings me, so I packed my tiny digital camera to bring along on this trip I took for my company. To do it in Hippo style I brought a tiny Hippo along as well, which we ordered a while ago for the ApacheCon EU 2007. Unfortunately the Hippos came in too late and we were stuck with a couple of hundred Hippos, but I'm happy too see that all our customers love the tiny little creatures.

This tuesday it was a bit rainy here in the Netherlands so I was a bit disappointed that I could not take so many outside photos, but here is one from the plane while flying above the UK.
More Hippos on a plane

19 September 2007

Super Mario Bros theme

While browsing through YouTube the other day, I ran into this amazing movie. I've haven't played Mario Bros in ages, but it all came back to me when hearing this guy playing the piano.

Cocoon GT 2007 update

It seems the Cocoon GetTogether 2007 program is available at the Cocoon GT website. I knew Jasha was going to submit a proposal and it seems it has been accepted. "Create your website in 5 minutes with the Cocoon Project Wizard". I've seen Jasha doing his magic a couple of times and this is something really worth seeing. It gives you a head start when starting out an Apache Cocoon project. I would say: Show us what you got Jasha!

It was a complete surprise to see another familiar name in the program list. One of my other colleagues, Martijn Vos, apparently had submitted a proposal and it seems his talk has also been accepted! I've not been able to meet up with Martijn yet, since I've been more out, then inside the Hippo office, but I'm very curious about "Use more Java!".

But those are not the only talks. There are more interesting talks like: "Break my site: Practical Stress Testing and Tuning of Cocoon Applications" by Jeremy Quinn and "Hands on Cocoon" by Francesco Chicchiriccò and so many more. Just go and check out the full program at the Cocoon GT website!

17 September 2007

Cocoon GT 2007

Well the Cocoon GetTogether 2007 is coming up. It's only a bit more then two weeks from now. Have you registered? I know I just did! Be sure to register on time, because the space is limited. I think Rome will be a great place for a GT. I've never been to Rome myself, so I think it's going to be a great experience and I'm definitely going to bring my camera.

I can't wait to meet up with all my fellow Cocooners, have some laughs, drink some beers, eat some great food and see what's hot in the world of Cocoon. For the hackathon there are some plans to do some Cocoon 2.2 integration with Apache Wicket. I've noticed there are a lot of people spending time on Wicket, so it's a framework to take into account.

Of course there will be a Hippo team present. You can probably spot us by the blue t-shirt with the big red Hippo's on the back. Have you used the CMS before or you're perhaps thinking about it, just walk bye and come and have a chat!

See you in Rome!

12 September 2007

Hippo CMS in Italian

The great thing of having an Open Source CMS is getting feedback and contributions from the community. Last night I had such a moment when Marco Casavecchia Morganti send me an email that he had translated Hippo CMS entirely to Italian. He wondered if we were interested in the Italian translations? Sure we are! As a matter of fact I committed the translations today into the trunk and 6.05 branch of the CMS. So the 6.05.01 release will also have an Italian translation pack.

Italian Hippo CMS

Thanks again Marco for you contribution!

05 September 2007

Waiting for Safari 3.0.4 on Windows

It seems that they fixed the Windows Safari bug I was having with writing my blogs in MovableType. I think Safari 3 is a great browser and would like to use it more often, but this bug was holding me back. According to the Webkit bug database (Safari core) it seems that I was not the only one having this problem. Now we just wait for Safari 3.0.4 and hope that this fix will make it into the release.