24 July 2007

Connection established

I'm sitting on my new couch right now, while writing this small blogpost. It seems the internet connection in my new apartment has been established :D . I'm waiting for the delivery guys that are supposed to bring me my new tv, washing machine and fridge.

My past two weeks of vacation have been not like any vacation I had before. I guess it has been even more exhausting then partying for two weeks long. A lot of work has been done these two weeks. With some help of friends and family all the walls, floors are now done and our couches have been delivered.

Now we just have to wait for all the other furniture to be delivered. Most of it will be delivered this week, but we still have to wait for our bed before we can actually move in. Let's hope they make some haste because I can't wait!

12 July 2007

Milestone reached

Well it seems to me that I got my first milestone. I've reached my 100th blogpost. :D Wow.. expect more to come! I hope I can spend some more time on writing technical articles on the systems I work with. We'll see!

So tell me about it..

Tonight I went to see Joss Stone performing live at the Heineken Music Hall. One of my friends had arranged the tickets a couple of months ago, before the concert was sold out. The HMH was fully packed and the mood was set. It was going to be a very good night.

The opener of the night was an unknown band to me and will remain that way since I could not figure out their name because of their British accents. They made an interesting sounds of music, but not something I would like to listen too while working or something.

Around 9 pm Joss Stone came on stage. She was walking bare footed on stage in this very nice dress ;-). Since I'm not a dedicated fan, this was the first time that I noticed she was running around bare footed while performing live. Soraya was able to tell me that she was doing this more often. I guess I don't watch enough TV these days.

As usual the sound in the HMH was amazing. It was 5 years ago that I last visited the HMH, but it was still as good or maybe even better. It's said that the HMH has Europe's best sounds when it gets to live performances. I'm not an expert, but it was really really good.

She sang a lot of songs from her old album and only a few new ones as far as I noticed. I've listened to "Introducing Joss Stone" a few times and did not recognize a lot of songs. We had a really good time tonight and the show was amazing.I definitely want to go and see her next time when she's performing in Amsterdam.

ps. You can listen to some Joss Stone at Last.fm.

10 July 2007

It's going to be quiet for some time

Well it's going to be a bit quiet here for the next couple of weeks, because today I got the key to our new apartment! We will have to do all the decorating, so that will take most of my time during the next two weeks.

If I'm able to find some time, I hope I can make some photos that I'll put up on Flickr. See you in a couple of weeks!

05 July 2007

Hippo CMS on Ohloh.net

Hippo CMS is getting a lot of attention in the Netherlands and around Europe these days, but of course our goal is to make it a world-wide well known product. The only way to achieve that is by promoting it a bit more then letting the product promote itself.

Recently I came across Ohloh. Ohloh is a source directory that helps you find the software product you need. With some help of tags, stacks and the Ohloh community you can find some great pieces of software.

To help developers find Hippo CMS, it has recently been added as a project to Ohloh.

Even though Ohloh is still under development it's fun to see what the Ohloh team does with your source code. It can give you a good view on how active the committers of a project really are, how many committers are involved in a software product and there is so much more interesting information that Ohloh retrieves from your source code repository. I was actually surprised by the source code statistics which stated that the amount of Javascript/Flowscript used in the CMS was about 65% and only 6% Java code has been written until now. Since the CMS is based on Apache Cocoon there is a lot more Java involved, but that's inserted with some help of Maven.

Ohloh is still updating, but I've just also added Hippo Portal and Hippo Repository.