20 April 2007

Two hot releases from the open source front

Two well known open source products got a major release out in the past couple of days: Thunderbird 2.00 and Ubuntu 7.04

I'm a big fan of both products and have been using them for quite some time. I've updated Thunderbird this morning and it feels a bit faster and looks cleaner. I think I'll wait a bit before upgrading to Ubuntu 7.04 to see if it brings any problems. A mail client is less time intensive if something goes wrong compared to an entire OS.

Time is always the issue

I've been too busy lately, to do all the things that I want to do for a while. Since my Cocoon comittership I wanted to give Cocoon 2.2 a go and see all the shiny new things and help out, but somehow I'm unable to find some descent time.

With the ApacheCon coming up Jasha and I also still need to finish our demo application, but first we have to get started.

I'm also doing some work for Hippo Repository during my evening time.I'm afraid I need more hours in a week. :-(

02 April 2007

On my way to Brussels

I'm currently on my way from Amsterdam to Brussels together with Berry. Getting up early is not one of my favorite things, but getting there by train is so much more relaxing then by car, which I did last time. I'll be visiting Smals for the next two days.

We'll be helping them out and keeping the big Hippo under control.