26 November 2006

Playing around with Apache MyFaces

I've been playing around with Apache Myfaces since a couple of days, after Wander created a front-end for Hippo Repository with MyFaces. After looking at this prototype I got the urge to try myfaces out myself and get to know something about it.

The first thing I stumbled upon was how do I get started? The getting started page is not very clear about this, except that you need some certain packages.

Next step of couse was to move on to the MyFaces Wiki. The Wiki had exactly what I was looking for. A clean and simple maven 2 getting started page. It allowd me to create a simple webapp within 5 minutes after installing maven 2.

So now it's time to experiment some more. Let's see what kind of fun stuff is possible with MyFaces!

15 November 2006

Running a newer versions of TortoiseSVN with Eclipse v3.1 and Subclipse v1.0.3

Thanks to Dan and Bart van der Schans I figured out how to use a new version of TortoiseSVN in combination with Subclipse 1.0.3.


02 November 2006

FireFox 2.0 final

Mozilla released FireFox 2.0 last week, so I really had to give it a go. It feels more stable and even seems to perform a lot better. It has a slightly different look and feel, but it you can switch back to the old theme if you want. One of the first things of course was to test Hippo CMS, but as expected it still works like a charm.

Even though not all of my extensions (now called add-ons) seem to work yet, I love working with this new version. One of the good things is that FF 2 has the option to restore your previously opened sessions in case your browser crashes. Keep up the good work at Mozilla I would say!