24 October 2006

Hippo CMS compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0

After Microsoft's release of Internet Explorer 7 last week, we had to make sure that the changes made in Internet Explorer 7 wouldn't affect the functionality of Hippo CMS. The only thing which had to be tweaked was a CSS file, so from now on you can also use Hippo CMS together with Internet Explorer 7!

Mozilla is also releasing Firefox 2.0 soon, so gave it a go, but it appears to works as with preview versions of Firefox.

Batik and markers

Yesterday I stumbled upon another hidden feature of Batik, when I noticed that the Visio diagrams didn't show their arrowheads in the generated jpeg. It seems this is caused by an inappropriate
markerWidth/Height and viewbox. According to the SVG specification you need to make sure the marker does not overflow it's viewport.

A quick fix for this problem setting the overflow to visible on the marker.

<marker id="mrkr1-7" class="st2" v:arrowType="1" v:arrowSize="2" orient="auto" overflow="visible" markerUnits="strokeWidth" />

Thanks to Google and Thomas DeWeese!

19 October 2006

Microsoft releases IE7 final

Yesterday Microsoft released IE's newest version: IE7. The featureset is not new, since most of them are already available within FireFox and Opera. I just installed it and so for so good, but let's hope moving to IE7 will be as painless as possible.


While browsing a bit with IE7, i noticed that creating tabs is extremely slow. Even for a blank page!
One nice new feature is Quicktabs. It creates an overview with small previews of which pages are open in your browser.

17 October 2006

Batik and imagemaps

Last week I was working on a project that translates svg to jpeg. Creating jpeg's from svg is pretty easy with the Apache Batik SVG toolkit.

But the customer needed to be able to link from the svg files to another location, so I had to create html imagemaps from the hyperlinks created from within the svg.
How to start? I did not have any experience with Batik yet, so I had to look around and see if there was something available that would help me out in this task. Well after a while I figured out there was no build-in functionality for imagemaps in Batik yet.

What's next? I was trying Google to see if I could find something about it, because I couldn't imagine I was the only one trying to do this. Well and what do you know! Torsten Knodt wrote some classes for batik to transcode svg to an imagemap in 2002, but they did not get committed into Batik.

Since they were Apache licensed and on the mailinglist, I was fortunate to be able to use them. I applied the patches to the batik 1.6 version, since it was the version used by Cocoon, and modified the SVGSerializer in Cocoon a bit to get it all working, but it did work. It outputs nice imagemap code from the SVG serializer, but there was still another issue to fix.

The coordinates for the hyperlinks were incorrectly positioned on top of the image. Since google was already becoming my best friend I gave it a shot and again in the search archives I found my answer. It seemed that the jpeg transcoder in batik changed the proportions of the outputted image. That caused my imagemap to have wrong locations for hyperlinks.

In the end I was glad that it was fixed by putting the "KEY_PIXEL_UNIT_TO_MILLIMETER" for jpg transcoder used by the SVGSerializer.

12 October 2006

CocoonGT: The week after

It has been a week since the CocoonGT2006. Time really flies, but now it's time for a quick flashback of all the things that happened during those days.

The GT Hackathon started for me on tuesday, since I was tied up at the office with still a lot of work to do before the big day. I was glad to be there for a couple of hours at the hackthon, so I was able to join Jeremy's talk about CForms and Dojo. I think we both came to the conclusion that Dojo is great and Cocoon should try to embrace Dojo even more, but the question remains: "What's the best way of integrating Dojo in Cocoon?".
After this interesting talk I had to head back to the Hippo office to finish up some unfinished work.

Wednesday was the big CocoonGT conference day. It started out early at 9am and kicked off with Arje's opening speech. I've seen several interesting talks about LDAP, Daisy, Hippo CMS and a very funy talk from Andrew, but there was one talk which showed something really new and exciting. Simone Gianni was talking about Cocoon blueprint. The demonstration by Simone was very interesting and Blueprint gives you a completely different perspective on building Cocoon websites. I hope he continues working on blueprint and there will be a release soon.

There are some photos available of the GT at Flickr, so be sure to check them out.

Well that's it for now. If you want to know more about the GT, be sure to attend it next year. There have been rumours going on, that it might be in Rome next year!

04 October 2006

Running AIGLX on my Latitude D610

A couple of days ago I succesfully managed to get AIGLX working on my Dell laptop in Ubuntu Dapper. I started out trying to install GLX a few months ago, but it was quite a strugle and I decided to leave it for now.

Last weekend I found a very solid manual for laptops having an onboard Intell videocard. My Latitude contains a videocard that uses the i810 Intell driver, which wasn't supported untill a few weeks ago.

AIGLX supports this type of videocard now and after reading some documenten about it I still could not get it working. Searching the Beryl (used to be compiz) forums I figured it out. It had to be the Beryl packages which I had to install instead of the deprecated Compiz packages.

If you still have no clue what GLX is, be sure to check out this video on GoogleVideo.