28 August 2006

Moving to Hoofddorp next year

Last friday I've put my signature for an appartment in Hoofddorp. A small city near Amsterdam and Schiphol airport. It wil still take a while before Soraya and and I can move in, because they still have to build the place. The appartment will be in Floriande-Zuid, where they are now finishing up the new shopping center. I hope they make some nice progress with the appartments so we might get in sooner. I can't wait! I will let you know how everything works out.

26 August 2006

Two steps forward and one step back

Sometimes I get the feeling that after making good progress you will always endup halfway. Or Is it just me?

20 August 2006

Vaction is over

Well my vacation is allmost over. Just a few hours left untill my first working day after two weeks of rest.
Looking back at these two weeks I can say I really needed them.

I hope that when I get to the office tomorrow, there will be some nice (new) projects waiting for me.
I've been trying to focus a little on my SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) exam this week. Reading and not applying the newly learned techniques doesn't work for me, so I've been thinking of a nice project to test my new skills on. Perhaps I will let you in on that later on, but first I have to see if the workload at the office is giving me enough time to work this thing out.

15 August 2006

Returned from Marmaris

Cave at seaI've returned from my trip to Marmaris (Turkye) where Soraya and I spend our summer vacation this year. Turkye is a beautifull country with some great culture and an interesting history. The temperature was really nice with an average of 33 C and we had a full week of sunshine.

My main goal was to relax as much as possible, since I've been extremely busy at the office for the past 6 months. I can actually say that I got some real rest. I loved reading a book outside in the sun and taking an occasional dive in the pool. It was great having no computer around. Just me and my girlfriend and some piece and quiet. For some more impressions of my trip to Marmaris checkout the set at Flickr.