30 June 2006

ApacheCon EU 2006

Since I'm completely wasted and awake for over the past 30 hours, I will be posting my real entry about the Apache Con EU tomorrow. In the meantime you can already take a look at the ApacheCon Europe 2006 photos at Flickr.

25 June 2006

A little of me and a little of Picasa

After trying out the Macro function of my EOS 350D I was very pleased with the result of a picture with a spider hanging in it's web. I have the say that the EOS 350D takes really great pictures. The standard tools coming with the camera are nice, but since I heard some many good things about Googles Picasa I wanted to give it a try.

Spider through the window
As always with Google products the user interface is clean and simple. Picasa has a lot of usefull functionalities. It's Organise functionality is IMO a lot beter then the one that's coming with the camera.
Also in the edit screen they have this function called: "I 'm feeling lucky". It automagically adjusts the contrast and color and I was very pleased with the result!

20 June 2006

My sisters wedding

Happy couple Last friday I was witnessing two people beeing deeply in love. My sister married her boyfriend that day, who she has been dating for the past 5 (or is it 6) years. Since I was one of the masters of ceremony it has been a very busy, but wonderfull day that ended with a big party! Everybody had a lot of fun. I wish them all the luck in the world and I hope they will remain happy together.

More impressions of this day can be found here.

15 June 2006

Canon EOS 350D

EOS 350DAfter 3 years of having fun with my old Canon A70, I felt the urge to step up to the next level. So yesterday I went out to find myself a nice Canon EOS 350D. Of course SLR camera's are a completely different level, but I think i'm up for the chalange.
I'm getting more and more interested in photography, so I want to improve my skills. With a wedding and the ApacheCon coming up I can really give it a go. I'll be posting some pictures on my Flickr account soon, so be sure to check that out.

01 June 2006

Attending ApacheCon Europe 2006

It looks like some fellow Hippo developers and myself will be attending the ApacheCon Europe 2006 in Dublin next month. This will be my first big Apache Conference with developers from different projects within the Apache Software Foundation. I'm really exited about it and while looking at the sessions, my interest is going out to the Ajax and Apache MyFaces sessions (next to the Cocoon sessions of course).

I noticed more Cocooners are joining me in Dublin and it looks like Cocoon is well represented at the ApacheCon with people like Gianugo Rabellino (SourceSense), Bertrand Delacrétaz (Codeconsult) , Carsten Ziegeler(S&N) and Doug Tidwell (IBM) doing session about Cocoon.

I also see that there are some sessions on other CMS's. Maybe it's an idea to do a session on Hippo CMS next year? Sounds like a great idea to me! ;-)